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Medical Volunteering

(Projects for Gap year, Internship and Holidays)


Volunteering overseas on a Medicine project is an ideal way to help better the health life of the people of Ghana in Africa, you also gain work experience whilst often in the developing country. Whether, you are looking to get on to a university course, a trained professional, or somewhere in-between, you will have a role to play in one of the hospitals, clinics and centers that we work with. Each placement is tailored, where possible, both to a volunteer's level of experience and their interests.

As a Medicine volunteer, you are sure to see the huge gulf between the standards of medical practice in the developed and developing worlds. Hospitals are often very inadequately resourced, medical staff underpaid, and funds to pay for routine medical treatment means the patients you see will often have advanced illnesses and conditions that you will rarely see in Africa Ghana.

There may also be opportunities to learn skills and knowledge from more senior medical volunteers. Once learnt, you may be able to use these during your placement and so contribute more towards patient care.

Pre-University Volunteers - You will be involved in the day-to-day running of hospitals and clinics, observing or directly assisting doctors and nurses. You might find yourself, for example, watching a caesarean in the operating theater, or working with a doctor on his rounds in a big city hospital. You can help out in simple but practical ways, vastly increasing your own knowledge and understanding of medical practice.

Medical Student Volunteers - You are likely to be given increasing responsibility depending on your training and experience. You may be expected to have a more active role in patient care. There are normally opportunities to observe surgeries and other procedures. You will be able to explore the healthcare service of the country you choose and compare it with what you have already experienced. Contact us or Apply

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