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Veterinary Medicine

(Projects for Gap year, Internship and Holidays)


Do you have a passion for working with animals, in the field of Veterinary Medicine, then our voluntary projects are a perfect way for you to gain some knowledge or put your skills into practice, with some work experience in Ghana.

You can volunteer whether you are on a gap year from your education, on a career break, or as part your extended holiday. No matter what your age or experience we have a placement for you!

Attitudes to animals in Africa are different from those in the developed world, for different of reasons.

In poorer societies a great deal of dependence is placed on many types of animals for the completion of necessary tasks.

A dog might be 'man's best friend', and considered another member of the family by a family in the First World, but it is hard to feel affection and empathy for such an animal when you live below the poverty line and struggle to feed your children. In many developing countries there is a much higher incident rate of animal neglect, and therefore also a great need for volunteer help.

Working as a volunteer on a Veterinary Medicine with InterGlobal Builder, you will gain some fantastic work experience which would simply not be possible in your own country. To start with you are likely to see many exciting types of animals, that will you only find in Africa, big cats or even elephants! Volunteers will also get to see cases that have been virtually eliminated in the developed country, such as rabies, and you will develop a better understanding of the problems that people are faced with in both urban and rural areas of Ghana.

Work as a Veterinary Medicine volunteer you will be given a placement supervisor who is responsible for giving you a full and varied flavor of the kind of work done by people in this field. You will shadow local professionals and will gain experience which befits your level of experience. You will be able to ask questions and learn from your local colleagues.

You may work in a vet clinic, and your work is likely to involve going out on visits in the local community. vaccinating farm animals in Ghanaian communities , you will gain some fantastic experience which will help you in future job interviews and practices as a Vet , whilst also making a big difference to the lives of the animals and people you work with. Contact Us or Apply

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